Thursday, February 10, 2011

All You Need Is Love

How can such a simple tune humming from my lips harmonize so beautifully with the breeze, the soft waves of the water and bring me such utter bliss? I closed my eyes, my red locks brushing against my baby soft skin as my grubby little toes waded in the water. My utter bliss quickly changed as I felt a small thud from the back of my head.

"Hey Pepper!" I turned abruptly with a scornful face. A small young boy stood just a few feet ahead of me holding small pebbles in his hand. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Jonah," I exclaimed. Whad'ya want?"

"C'mon," He said, rushing me to be by his side. "Why you jus' sittin' there?" The boy wore denim cut off jeans with a scruffy white shirt that contrasted to his dark skin.

I stood up, my toes dripping wet. "I'm-" Before I could finish, my foot stepped on the hem of my dress, causing me to stumble to the ground.


I lie still for a moment, until I realized what had just happened. There I was, my long pale yellow dress which now jaggedly fell just above my knees, with the remains of just a tail dangling at my feet.

"Look what you did!" I squealed. I winced in pain. I had a scraped up knee and a splinter in my finger.

"I didn't do nothin'" Jonah said, shaking his head. He paused. "You okay? Let me help you." He dropped the pebbles that remained in his hand and rushed to my side.

I was bent over observing my wounds-and frowning at the not-so-stylish new look of what used to be my favorite dress. Tears welled up in my eyes. But I wasn't about to let him see me cry.

I pushed him. I pushed him hard. "You ruined it!" I screamed. "You ruin everything!"

Stupid boys I muttered to myself as I stomped off the boardwalk.

Jonah sat on the ground, his hands pressed up against the boards of the dock.
"Pepper!" He shouted back.

I paused, turning to look at him. A crooked smile formed on his face.
"You gonna marry me or not? I been askin' quite some time and I ain't gonna stop."

"You're only six," I huffed, rolling my eyes.

"So's you," He said as he stood up, dusting the dirt from his clothes. He came towards me. "Gimme the sash that tore from your dress."
I did as I was told. He bent down and wrapped it gently around my wounded knee.
"Oh," He pulled out a wilted, smashed dandelion from his back pocket. "I got this for ya." I just stood there. "Whatcha waitin' fo? Make a wish."

I beheld the most beautiful flower I had ever seen. I giggled. "It's got no wishy thingys left," I said, but I blew into it anyway. I folded the stem into a little ball with my grimy fingers and stuffed it into my dress pocket.
"So, we gettin' married?" He persisted.
I kissed his damp forehead and headed for home-the tune All You Need Is Love still humming sweetly in my mind.

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DONNA said...

LOL hahahaa that was sooo sweet.